Some things to Consider :)

Hi everyone!! Well, it’s that time of year, the weather is getting chilly and there are a few things to consider…Now that Thanksgiving is over-are you feeling overwhelmed with Halloween approaching and then, before you know it.. the Holidays?  A Personal Assistant(shopper) can help you with all of your needs on your ‘to do’ list!
Also, its really important that your pooch gets their walk and daily exercise..I know it can be difficult to get up and at ’em early in the am, but the Dog Walker begins strutting at 6am -so we can help you there too!! Also, make sure your pooch is dressed warm if you have a little pooch or a new puppy they need an extra coat sometimes 🙂
Report Cards for students are just around the corner and many are preparing for their SSAT‘ a Private Tutor we can ensure success in all and every aspects of their school experience.