December 9, 2012

Good Morning Everyone!!

Happy Sunday to you all!

Completed my Pet First Aid Course yesterday through Dog Guru at the PawsWay here in Toronto!  What an amazing day!! Cheryl and Tracy were amazing!

Here are some thoughts for you today:

Let me be honest…I don’t serve Foley the Raw Food Diet..Why? I think its more me than him actually..I am doing my research and I have to admit..I am not convinced yet it is the way for us to go..again, me..NOT him!
I am no expert in the dog/cat food world at all and will never pretend to be, but here are some things to consider if you are unsure about the food for your pooch or cat 🙂

The following are some interesting tips that I learned yesterday from the DogGuru that may have tipped my scale to go that route (raw food)..but for now..some tips:
**Kibble: Top 3 Tips: Look at the 1st ingredient…should NEVER say ‘Meat’ (should say chicken), Not poultry! No Bi-Products! Avoid Corn! (it is a filler) and an aside..avoid corn is the cheapest way to make something sweet.
**If you feed your pooch/cat wet food…1st ingredient…Water!
**Dogs need to have measured is far better for your pooch to have 2-3 smaller meals a day than that 1 big meal in the am
**Cats are grazers
There is never a need for an obese pooch or feed carefully, and cautiously…look at your ingredients..we do it for ourselves so why wouldn’t we do it for our pet? I will keep you posted on the Raw Food idea….the things that make you go hmmmmm!
Have a wonderful day everyone!!