Monday, December 24, 2012-My Life With Bailey..and I don’t mean the liqueur :)

My Life With Bailey

Monday, December 24

I was especially looking forward to today’s walk.  It would be a pleasant reprieve from traffic, line-ups and hurrying in

general.  Bailey was suited up.  We had our coffee and two Timbits to share.  I know.  It should be a more dog healthy treat

but, it’s Christmas.  We had our usual obedience talk before Bailey was released from her leash.  During our walks I keep up

a patter of conversation with Bailey but today she made it clear that she was not talking to me.  She did not make her

customary glances of acknowledgement.  She took shortcuts off the usual route in pursuit of the company of other dogs and

owners but clearly counted on me to join her eventually.  I suspect this confirms what most dog owners already believe.  We

are always talking to our four legged friends with our sighs, our facial expressions and our reactions.  On our way home in

the car I gave a piece of my mind to the news castor as I sometimes do.  From the back seat  Bailey leapt forward and consoled

me with her wet kisses and that inquiring look that says, “Are you okay?”  I assured her I was.  We were still friends.

Walks With Bailey