Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello everyone!!

Here is the blog post I was hoping to have published…but no such luck! 🙁  oh well..that’s the way it is sometimes! But I am thrilled to share with you here on my site!  Some friendly reminders going into the New Year!

Finding My Focus Via Foley and of course..The Earth Rated Poop Bag!-

Sarah Giles –Owner of ‘Making Life Simple For You’

Having a pooch is the best thing that has ever happened to me! In the beginning I was so worried about Dog Walking, Dog Parks, and Dog stuff in general! By spending the next few months trying to figure it all out and making the executive decision for my own life that I would learn about dogs and make that my new career has been life altering (in a good way). I began with walking a few dogs..from little to large..low maintenance to high..and realized the amazing parallel from working with children to working with dogs! The pooch parent is no different from the child parent..they worry or they don’t, they over analyze or they don’t…they even love or they don’t. The don’t part is what gets me the most.

From learning and training with dogs here are a few truths that I feel we all need to be made aware of..yes, most of it is common sense..but here are some friendly reminders;

*Pick up the poop!! Can’t tell you how many times Foley and I have picked up other pooch poo because someone else couldn’t be bothered. Thank goodness for the lavender scented Earth Rated Poop Bags..makes the experience not so horrible.  Also available in more than 2215 stores so there is NO excuse!  I am always stocked up and have one attached to all my bags and jackets!!  (you have to look fashion forward too you know!!..and this covers it)

*ID your dog!! Although it’s the law..even you don’t want to register within your city go to your local pet store and create an id with your dog’s name and a contact number.

*Exercise your pooch! They need and want to go outside…yes, the weather is not always ideal for us humans and some days we would love to stay in our pj’s…but your dog needs to get out…get the fresh air and meet others…as my motto is ’every dog deserves THEIR walk’

*And finally…know your dog…if your furry friend is high maintenance look at yourself first…are you making your dog anxious? (we are so quick to judge a dog for bad behaviour). Look at your own life…your dog can sense things that we don’t always comprehend.

Bottom line- love your pooch the best you can and don’t settle for anything less than excellence.

As we say in my home..Make it Special Make it Count!  Until next time,
Xo Sarah & Foley