Monday, March 10, 2014

Another reason I DO NOT SUPPORT LEASH FREE FOR MY CLIENTS-During my paid walk time with them
….So..a few weeks ago we went to Colonel Samuel Smith Park…had never been before..I was a little hesitant..but took Foley and Luci…and LOVE IT!! The dog owners appeared very conscientious and the dogs were all great! So I decided after walking today I would take the ‘kids’ for a treat and revisit the park….what sheer disappointment!! The park was full of dog poo, the owners were completely oblivious to the poo and I actually saw 2 owners watch their dogs ‘take care of business’ and leave it! picked it up. Now…don’t get me wrong..there is plenty of dog doo in parks, on the sidewalks etc…but its consciousness and core value that speak to me in my own life and the life of Making Life Simple For You-Excellence in Pet Care & Personal Shopping
I simply cannot support how disgusting the park was-Those of us that take our dogs often, go occasionally, never go, etc…The thought of having the dog of a client to run in poo, act as though its appropriate behavior and then bring the dog home isnt going to happen-its unsanitary, dirty, and just gross. At least when I have a clients dog on a leash and control to the best of my ability where the pooch walks, I can say confidently they will not come into contact with another poochs doo doo…I am quite concerned with what I saw today in a City run park and the uncleanliness of it all. We left the park and did our regular walk as per usual and avoided all poo! My opinion may not be popular etc..but I do feel its important that we/those that do enjoy the leash free for various reasons what ever they may be have to band together to have tougher regulations in these parks for the health and safety of our dogs. Thanks! x