Sunday, June 29, 2014

Back to Blogging!! Wowza its been since March!! Not Not cool!!

So…what’s the scoop? So much to say!!

Let’s start with?  Weather, Food, Dogs, Shopping, Friends, Family etc…

Let me think…Weather..always a good opener!  After a horribly cold winter, did spring actually happen?  I think we jumped directly into the arms of summer, and I am not complaining on this one at all!! Longer days, bright mornings, sunshine..who could ask for anything more?!!  Not me..its the perfect time of year to get outside, garden, walk, run, whatever is you love to it!

Food…Oh….I love food, all types of food-oh food…why do you have to have so many options for the not picky eater such as myself…its a love/hate relationship we have and when you hit 40 (yes, I am older than 40!!-don’t rub it in) you have to watch what you eat…boring…thank god I walk everyday!!

Dogs…Foley & Luci…the two bestest freinds any owner could ever ever hope for..cannot believe I haven’t even had her a year yet…she just fit into our home like a great new sofa and I love her so much, and Foley is her biggest fan..smiles all around!!  My doggie clients, my best friends in the walking world..we have: Chili, Harley, Aurora, Marshall, Keplar, Fatty, Mocha, Koko, Dieter, Daisy, Montego, Casper, Neeko, and there are so many others that stop by for a pooch party sleepover and we always have a great time!!  These dogs have amazing owners and you can see it in how well the dogs are behaved and just show the love all the time!

Shopping!! one of my favorite topics..from buying food, wine, clothes, name it..I DO have the pulse on these things and if ever you need something asap, I can and will make it great!!! Just another little facet of MLSFY!

Friends & Family..bottom line …without them I wouldn’t be here doing what I love doing every day-the support is amazing and its not the number of freinds that I have that account for this..its the quality and the substance of who they are!

Oh, my…if only the thoughts in my head could be written down as fast as the thoughts were running..started this yesterday and between inside outside stuff, Foley & Luci time..just finishing now!! Better late than never!!

Lots more to say…so stay tuned!

As always..Make it Simple…Make it Count!!

xox Sarah