November 19 2019

Thank You for Sponsoring Lily!

Thank you so much for sponsoring Lily. Your donation goes directly to her food and vet care.


Lily’s Update

Lily came to the sanctuary just over a year ago. She is about 7 years old, and very friendly. She was used for breeding before she came here, and when the breeder got tired of breeding pigs she got rid of Lily and her boyfriend. 

Lilys boyfriend died a few months after coming here from cancer. And Lily was devastated!! She stopped eating, she didnt want any attention. She was beside herself with grief. It was a very difficult time for her and for us, as we worried constantly about her. But after a few months she started getting back to her normal behaviour, she made some new friends and found friends to room with. 

She is now doing great, she has best friends, she loves her meals and is living her best life here at the sanctuary!


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