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Bookings for 2021 are now your time early!

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*If you have a puppy or require potty breaks, please contact me directly to schedule an appropriate time that meets the needs of your pet-We will ALWAYS accommodate you!!


If you have any questions or comments please DO NOT hesitate to contact at any of the numbers provided or via email 🙂

*Starting NOW… “Puppy/Dog Survival Gift Baskets” & “Kitty/Cat Survival Gift Baskets”will be available!! 

Toronto StarHave a new fur or purr baby in your life or of someone you know?…We will put together the ultimate basket to assist you in your first days with your family member.  

We only purchase the best quality, Canadian Made products (well..we do our very very best) and will we take the stress out of ‘what to buy’..let us at Making Life Simple For You take care of all of your needs!

**Please Note for any service that is booked, and if you need to cancel,  a 24-hr cancellation policy is in affect-a $15 charge will be applied  as well as if payments are not made by invoice due date a $10 service fee will be applied.  Thank you