Personal Shopping

We are here to keep YOUR life as simple as possible!

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During these busy times, we all need a break and sometimes there just are not enough hours in the day to get it all done. Making Life Simple For You is here to help. Having a Personal Shopper can allow that to happen..there is no errand too big or too small! A Personal Shopper is always here to get the job done! You may also have an elderly member in your family who needs small errands done, or a member who is unable to get around with ease. A Personal Shopper will keep everyone’s life as simple as possible!  With almost 15 years in the retail industry I know what people need and want-I can make your life simple and easy to manage!


Initial Consultation Free of Charge-



  1. $35 per hour to be completed within 24 hours of request
  2. includes..groceries, clothing, dry cleaning, catering, arranging appointments, etc…

Prices include HST and are subject to change.

And if you are considering going away…We can also book your travel for you as well!! again..there is no job too small or too big!!

For Seniors who may not be able to move with ease and need a smile put on their face we now offer Foley (my pooch) to come cheer up their day!! 30 minute visit-$10