Services & Pricing

Prices include HST and are subject to change.


  1. Puppy Visits $17 per 20 min visit
  2. Cat Visits $15 per 30 min visit
  3. Private Walks $15 per 30 min walk/$20 for 60 min
  4. Basic Training $30 per 1 hr
  5. $40 per 24 hr stay-A late fee of $10 will be applied on an hourly basis
  6. $40 per 6am-6pm day care

Group walks at this time are not encouraged unless from the same home-this alievates dog aggression/stress/and promotes 1 on 1 dog time..we all need that!
**Associate Member of the Association of Dog Pet Training
**All dogs must be neutered/sprayed and all shots up-to-date.  A form will be provided to be filled out by the owner

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House Sitting-15% off initial first service (1 time use only)

  1. $20 per day-includes checking interior/exterior safety
  2. picking up mail, watering plants,basic requests will be accepted

Personal Shopper

  1. includes..groceries, clothing, dry cleaning, catering, making appointments, waiting for service providers in your home
  2. service is geared towards Seniors and clients that may have mobility issues
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Private – In your home tutoring

  1. $45 per hour
  2. Focus on Time Management/Organizational Skills
  3. Quiz and Test preparation
  4. SSAT preparation
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